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Since 2020, Luckytown Plus Online Casino Malaysia has become Malaysia’s biggest and most trusted gambling platform. Our loyal clientele has helped us grow and maintain our position as the country’s top online gambling site.

LuckyTown Plus has a wide live casino partner network, featuring AG, BG, AE, SA, King855, WM, All Bet, and Dream Gaming. Our slots include popular titles from LionKing, VPower, XE88, Mega888, Joker, Playtech, CO9Gaming, and Pragmatic Play. We also offer sports betting via Ibcbet ,Sbobet, and Lottery4D games. At LT Plus, we prioritize gaming excellence with reliable and certified developers.

Our evolution to Luckytown Plus shows our commitment to serving Malaysia’s online gambling community. Trust, innovation, and customer satisfaction are at the core of LT Plus, ensuring it remains your top choice for online casino gaming in Malaysia.

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At LuckyTown, our members’ enjoyment is our utmost priority—it’s straightforward and true. We are committed to ensuring that every visit is packed with non-stop entertainment. Our simple yet powerful guideline is to always put our members F.I.R.S.T. This commitment means providing only the highest quality experiences, tailored to maximize fun and excitement. Join us at LuckyTown, where your entertainment is not just a promise—it’s our purpose!


LuckyTown takes pride in offering one of the industry’s quickest transaction processes. We ensure that all transactions complete in 15 minutes or less. Continually striving to speed up these times, we enable you to spend more time enjoying games and less time waiting. Experience LuckyTown’s seamless and rapid service, where the excitement never stops and transactions are faster than ever.


At LuckyTown, you’ll always encounter the latest and most exciting online gaming options. We commit to continually enhancing our platform to keep it intuitive and easy to navigate. Regularly integrating cutting-edge features, we deliver a flawless and thrilling gaming experience. Step into LuckyTown, where innovation keeps you at the forefront of online gaming.


Understanding that luck may not always favor you, LuckyTown ensures you always receive something back. We offer unmatched rebates across all game types, consistently rewarding our players. We value your trust as your entertainment provider and show our appreciation through substantial rebates and rewards. At LuckyTown, we prioritize enhancing your gaming experience, ensuring satisfaction with every play.


At LuckyTown, we prioritize creating an engaging, user-friendly, and extremely secure platform. We rigorously protect your personal information and privacy with strict security measures. Confidently enjoy your favorite games, knowing we securely manage your information. Trust LuckyTown for a secure and uninterrupted gaming experience every time you visit.


Your ongoing support fuels our commitment to transparency and superior service at LuckyTown. Adhering to the motto ‘Honesty is the best policy,’ we make all processes straightforward—no hidden fees or surprises. Our 24-hour Customer Service teams, stationed across various regions, are always ready to assist you. Depend on LuckyTown for a transparent, reliable gaming experience that keeps everything clear and simple.